Live Multi-Track Recording Studio Thanks to The Midas M32

This is one of may photos taken of the Midas M32 Console. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this machine and the only selfish downside of the console itself is that I haven’t had enough time in the year to use it. Its first debut was at the Perfect Blend in Delmar, NY and although I don’t suggest a live venue to work out all the settings, it still performed amazingly and by the end of the night it was lighting both the tent and speakers.

This year I also was able to record multi track both live and in a studio setting. The birth of Undertapers Mobile Studio was set in motion and it really enabled me to dial in the console and understand its limitations.

I was using a coper snake when I first got the M32. Now a cat 5 cable connects to a DL16 and then jumps over to the second, usually kept by the drums. I wanted the local pre’s so that I could be more versatile if I had to use it as a monitor console or set up close to a stage and just us an iPad.

I use the iPad all the time now after getting used to the differences between using the console itself and the interface within. Some of the band members are looking forward to using the apps that work with the console to control the monitoring system.

I finally broke down and got an iPad. It wasn’t something I was planning on so soon after the huge initial setback in the expense of everything but an upcoming gig at the time lent itself to the purchase.

The iPad replaces the second Mac I was using as a stage monitoring system and doubles as a front of house setup when setting up the board on stage. I ended up setting the console up at Parting Glass in Saratoga Springs this year and sending three channels up to the front of house console. I sent Left and Right as well as a mono bus for the sub. Patching in the monitors was easy by just running 4 XLR’s over to the stage rack and plugging in. All I had to do was set the gain structure for the three channels at front of house and bring up the mains.

The flexability really allows you to set the console up either at front of house or side of stage. It takes no time at all to get usend to mixing from an iPad. The benefit to setting things up at the side of stage is that ringing monitors is a little quicker using the console.

Once the stage was dialed, the front of house stuff just flowed.
The most recent addition to the vehicle feet was a Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sportwagen and a Wells Cargo 5×8 trailer. I am able to tow the trailer with ease fitting all my gear. It opens up the car leaving room for family to go to the show. Sometimes I am able to set up for a day show at an event and pack the family tohang out with me.

I have also just purchased the JBL SRX 835P speakers from JBL. I will up date further as I get more time on the road with them but so far they are pretty on par with what I was temporarily using. I had borrowed the QSC 153’s from Saving Atlantis for a brief period and loved the 3 way technology vs. the older two way sound.

Currently, I have the Turbosound 18s that the JBLs sit on and they are powerful enough to handle small outdoor shows without issue.