Providing Live Sound For Our Friends and Musical Family In The 518 Area

Since 1998

We have been running live sound for quite some time and have evolved and improved both our experience and gear throughout the years.

Full PA & Recording

We can record your live show and mix it down our hand it over for you to mix.

Where To Find Us

You can catch us all around the local 518 area from Albany to up into the Adirondacks.

The Seapods & RaisinheadPrepare to be healthily mutated…Vince Fest! No words needed. The man is a legend and it’s time to celebrate him.
7PMWaterhole Music Lounge Saranac Lake, NY
The Seapods with Raisinhead at The Waterhole Music Lounge - Saranac Lake, NY

Current Intern:
Cynthia Williamsen

Cynthia has been assisting in PA setup/teardown & increasing her skillset as a FOH engineer.

Current Intern:
Thatcher Smith

Thatcher has been assisting in PA setup/teardown & Both FOH and Monitor world.

Having and working with other sound engineers near me has been a real pleasure. I primarily work with a bunch of local area 518 musicians who play from the upper regions of Lake placid and Saranac Lake down to Saratoga, Ballston Spa, Albany and Troy.  Trying to keep things as local as possible has been a challenge, but I have been able to so lately still maintaining the life of a dad, husband and son.

In 2000, after the pandemic relocated many to home office positions, I was able to setup a home office for work. It takes up space, but I was able bring into it a very small setup that allows me to mix all of the live shows I provide sound for. It does make it difficult to store equipment for the road, but I plan on building a garage to both store the equipment and set up my home office in the future.

Over the last few years I have been improving the live setup by separating out Monitors and FOH. In 2016 I purchased a Midas M32 and in 2018 switched to full digital with two stage boxes all on cat 5. In 2020 I put an x32 Rack on stage and began splitting out monitors and FOH. This has increased the weight and size of the PA and I have had to also improve my transportation. I will forever miss the little Jetta Diesel that had no issues towing the enclosed trailer, but it was time to rest it and get something both the family and I could use a bit more efficiently. I had my fun in Vans and Volkswagen Vanagons. I still wanted to detach the trailer, park it and become a family man so a truck was the only option.

Once I went diesel, I never really turned back. I purchased my first diesel car when gas prices were starting to climb and your average car getting 25mpg was starting to get expensive to fill. I searched for quite some time and finally found a 2014 Jetta diesel Wagon which was great now that we had Amelia running around. It got close to 40MPG and diesel was usually less than gas. I had a two door Volkswagen GTI and getting the car seat in and out was quite the task. It had to run on premium fuel so it got expensive to run. Shortly after the purchase of the Jetta wagon I got an enclosed trailer and everything changed. I could now pack the trailer and detach the music life and return to family life. It was the best of both worlds until I started to buy more gear, and really load that trailer up. In 2021 I purchased my first diesel truck. It doesn’t even know the trailer is back there… now diesel is $2 more a gallon of gas, and I am pretty much right back where I started and worse. Thanks inflation…

Townley Sound is about amplifying and beautifying the musical talents of our local 518 family.